So I have this impacted wisdom tooth. It's been bothering me for a weak and half and it got super-unbearable last Saturday so I went to the ER because it was infected. I got antibiotics and vicodin to last until I could get to the dentist but I have still not gone to the dentist because I am afraid of getting teeth pulled. On the plus side, this toothache made me lose my appetite completely so I've been eating less than 500 calories a day and have noticeably lost a bit of weight, which is AWESOME :) well, kind of shitty because I lack the energy to do much and get dizzy just from moving around. School starts soon so I'm trying to wait until I can go to the dentist office on campus rather than find a new dentist.

Also, I am very much so in love with our orange tabby house kitten. We've had him for almost 2 months now and he is sooooo cute and sweet. He has a little harness so we can take him outside on the patio with us and he just chills. He got out the other night because a door was left open and we didn't know that he had escaped but about 10 minutes after we noticed the open door he jumped up onto the patio. In fact, if we don't bring him outside with us he gets all butthurt and sits in an open window and cries because he likes being around people at all times. I am way too attached to this little cat haha.

I kind of stopped updating my LJ because I don't blog nearly as much as I used to. This summer marks my 10th year using LJ. I have had one since summer 2001. Not the same one, of course. Sometimes you just have to delete and start over.

Anyway, I have to go grocery shopping soon because I want some fruit and juice. I would love to get out to JoAnns for some beads as well but it's a bit of a trip to go from where I live (near 165th) to 82nd.
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eowyn kicks ass

I fucking love Portland

in line for a free tattoo- I am #1 in line! Stoked :]

grand opening of a new "horror-themed bar and teahouse" tomorrow- it's called The Lovecraft. Yes I am going haha.

and the temp is gonna reach 57 this week.

Has anyone else seen Portlandia yet? It's interesting and the stereotypes are pretty true.

I love all of the friends that I've made here, they make me very happy.

that's all I've got. Little bit of a wait to go before the shop opens.
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I need a smart phone so that I can send myself messages-

call piercing place on 12/28 for your appointment!

the lack of symmetry on my face is driving me nutty, so I am getting another small stud on the other nostril before leaving.

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xena and gabby


Been home for a few days. Traveling from OR to NY and vice-versa is a pain in the ass. I'm still on my west coast sleep schedule- I'm not tired, it's only 1:30 am for me right now lol. I've been having a lot of fun catching up with friends and spending time with Maria and the families. My mom is taking me to get my hair did because I've never done that before, a few days after Christmas and close to when I'll be returning to Portland.

Went and got a spontaneous piercing today with Debora. Well I have a list of things I want but it was a spontaneous trip. It was so freaking weird that I didn't even feel the needle, I actually got poked twice because as it turns out, I have a slightly deviated septum so it was redone. Piercings don't generally hurt but I typically feel them at least and I didn't even feel this one so I was pretty excited about that. Will probably get 1 more piercing before I leave, as we're doing a "Day of Pain" with a few friends. Piercing or tatts anything goes =)

Not much else to say, it's 5 am now lol
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I want a tiger tattoo before the YEAR OF THE TIGER is over.

I'm a tiger. Tigers rule.

But it's estimated that tigers will be extinct in 12 years if they keep getting poached the way they are :( I hope all poachers DIE! First offense, cut their hands off (and maybe remove their kneecaps?). Second offense: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I need monies.

Free thought flow speaking of tigers: when I celebrated Chinese New Year in London's Chinatown, this lady was giving out coupons for free Tiger beer. She gave one to everyone I was with (and they were like 20, barely 21) and I was like "Can I have one too, please?" and she looked at me and was like "you're not old enough" .....the fucking drinking age is 18 there. It was a few months shy of my 24th birthday. REALLY. I showed her my ID, even though no one else had to, and got my damn coupon, which I never used, because I don't even like Asian beer anyway. HA. So I guess I have until Feb to get this Tiger tattoo, before it turns into the Rabbit year. I love the Chinese zodiac way more than Western Astrology.

Stretched my lower lobe piercings a little more. I alternate between American gauges and jewelry in mm because mm is in between gauges and they just make life a lot easier. So I have jewelry in mm in right now, at a size that would be like 3g if 3g actually existed. If that makes sense.

Maria is awesome, she sent me a care package of NICKELS (because I was bitching that tri-met raised the fares by a nickel so it's now $2.05 and I always lack nickels), handmade fingerless gloves, tea, and my favorite gummies from Wegmans. Love her :)

I saw Aural Vampire, Dommin, Black Veil Brides, and The Birthday Massacre the other night. DOMMIN WAS AWESOME. I already liked what I had heard of them but they blew me away live. BVB's lead singer was a dick but then I looked him up later- he's a 19 year old male scene kid, and that's exactly what he acted like. Obnoxious. The Birthday Massacre was absolutely lovely. Overall, I had a lot of fun. The week before, I saw Watain, Goatwhore, and Black Anvil (I'm not usually a black metal concert-goer but I went with a friend) and did enjoy myself. Unfortunately I got a little too drunk and the smell of Satanism was a bit much (no really, they had parts of rotting carcasses on stage for the ritual) but it was an interesting night. The bands were really good though, I'd definitely see them again.

I need to get a few pages punched out on my paper so that I can go forth and enjoy myself tonight at Hive.
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I want raisinettes sooooo bad. Please appear in some sort of magical way, I don't want to walk down the street to the convenience store :/

I've been wanting to throw together a new cosplay. Just because there are a lot of cons around here.
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The Glory Days of Cosplay?

I would consider US Cosplay's Glory Days to be between 2002-2006. Then again, maybe it's just my own evolution of interests that currently renders the hobby devoid of fun. But I consider the span of 2002-2006 to be it's peak and decline. It was still okay up until 2008 but by then even the Sailor Moon cosplay community was waning. I could also attribute partial blame to the corporate machine and the fact that anime is just too popular now but once again, I could blame my own aging and general disdain for the much-younger fanbase. I appreciate the fact that there are still active cosplayers from that "era" out there doing their thing and being generally awesome. I guess I was just thinking about how much fun those years were because I was considering going to a few of the cons local to the Pacific Northwest. I had always wanted to go Sakuracon and now I'm in the area so we'll see. Maybe I'll even bust out a costume. I just don't really like any of the anime fans that I've met recently. I really hope I wasn't like them at one point. Bah, I'm just frustrated that I don't enjoy the scene anymore.

Today is Wonder Woman Day. Yes, it's an official day in the city of Portland, as declared by the mayor. It's an event at a local comic book store that benefits domestic violence outreach centers, kind of a mini-convention devoted to Wonder Woman with guest artists from DC and all sorts of merchandise. I love Wonder Woman, and wanted to go, but probably won't. If I leave my house to spend money today, it will be to go to the grocery store so that I may buy cheese and chai. If Maria were here, we'd go in a heartbeat. I enjoy these geeky things better with her.

I did go to the Zombie Walk- first I got on the bus and sat behind a guy who had a giant plastic Godzilla and a model of the Enterprise in a seat next to him. He kept looking at them very lovingly. I love geeks :) the actual zombie gathering was awesome. It was seriously all-ages. Zombie babies, zombie grandpas. People who zombified normal clothes, zombie Waldo, Gumby, cosplayers zombified old costumes, there were even zombie hunters and Resident Evil Umbrella Corps people. They gathered in the square and danced to Thriller (well only the ones that actually know the dance, most zombies did not partake in Thriller which was good because the ones who did all knew it perfectly), then overtook downtown :D



Portland- City of Roses Geeks

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